What your choice of Linux distribution says about you

Saturday October 30, 2004 (02:00 PM GMT)
By: Joe Barr

Many Linux newbies -- or wanna-be newbies -- get hung up over the choice of their initial distribution. We here at NewsForge have put a lot of thought into this, and have decided to share our best thinking on the subject in order to help ease you newbies out of the monopoly spread into the Linux world. The most important thing for newbies to consider is this: what does your choice of distributions say about you? Updated to include Slackware. To that end, we have created this brief list of observations of the users of specific distributions, highlighting their most notable traits, in order that you can weigh this important aspect of distribution selection in your final, initial decision.







Red Hat

Updated: Thanks to Joshua H. for this lightly edited synopsis of Slackware and Slackware users.